(1) How are you different from other business consultants?

We are the only firm to specialize in advising clients from strategy to launch of an independently owned art studio wine bar. Our consultants have over 50 years of combined corporate and start-up experience in sales, business development, strategic marketing, financial payment services and web design/development.

We've  built an independent art studio wine bar from scratch and understand the complexities involved from start to finish. In less than four years, we've established a loyal customer base of 15,000+ and 200+ corporate clients. We've since helped others launch their own creative businesses based on our successful model.  

(2) Why should I use you versus franchising?

In addition to owning 100% of your brand and profits, you won't be paying recurring royalties and bound by a multi-year contract. The average franchise agreement is seven years. Over this time span, you would sharing a percentage (double digit in some cases if your business does well) to the franchisor. Why not keep ALL the profits?

More importantly, you won't have the business freedom that "independents" enjoy. You'll be expected to pay upfront fees and other expenses such as sales and marketing in addition to construction costs and recurring royalties.

With us, you have the freedom to run your business how you like it. We'll advise you through the process, provide the necessary tools for success, but it's your call in the end.  You're the final decision maker!

(3) Do I have to select the Basic or the Premium package?

Depending on the stage of your business, you may not need to select a Basic or Premium package. You may select the services ala carte. We customize every engagement so it meets the needs of each client. Initial consultation is complimentary. To schedule a brief call, please click below.

(4) How much will my costs as a consulting client be?

Total consulting fees vary depending on your needs and stage of your business. Our Basic package starts at $19,000 and Premium package starts at $39,000. Additional expenses depend on your timeline and location. You may also select our services ala carte such as: business plan writing, live training and ongoing digital monitoring.  Initial consultation is complimentary. To schedule a brief call, please click below. 

(5) How long is the consulting engagement?

Depending on the stage of your business, desired launch date, budget and location, the timeline will vary. Typical consulting engagement is completed within 3-6 months.