premium package (starting at $39,000)

(1) Business Plan Writing

     If you intend to apply for a business loan with a SBA and/or bank, you will need a complete, proper and professional "business plan." We can help you secure a loan up to $250,000. 

(2) Permits and Licensing

 From establishing a legal entity, to securing an alcohol license and health permit , we'll help you navigate the bureaucratic system at the local, county and state level.  

(3) Branding, Marketing and Sales

From logos, social media, emails to business development, we'll help you establish a cross channel marketing strategy that will result in consistent online and offline sales across all customer segments. 

(4) Studio Design and Build

     The complexities of buiding a brick and mortar business can be initimidating if you've never been involved in construction. We'll guide you through city and building codes; working together with architects, engineers and contractors throughout the design, build and completion.

(5) Website Design and Launch

      Having a website is no longer an option, but necessary for an art wine business. We'll help you design a website that's not only asetheticly attractive to prospective customers, but functional for seamless online booking. A well-designed website will also result in higher SEO rankings.

(6) Inventory and Operations

 Generating sales is great, but it's all about  the margins and efficiency. We'll show you how to optimize operations, boost team morale and reduce overhead costs.    

(7) Royalty-Free Use of 60 Paintings

  You'll get detailed step-by-step instructions of our most popular, original copyrighted paintings. Our  teaching methodology is what sets us apart from the franchise model. 

(8) Hiring and Live Team Training

 Before the official launch of your studio, we'll provide onsite training at your location up to four artists. We'll help transform your artists into engaging "instructor-tainers."  

(9) One-Month Digital Monitoring

You've built the storefront and website. Now, you'll need to drive traffic to your business. We'll help monitor and advise what's working or not working with your marketing sales strategy.